"The power something has is the power we give it!"

'It's mind over matter, and our bodies are the matter."

"We are what we think we are."

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John Abdo

About John

John Abdo is an international authority on life motivation, health, fitness, nutrition and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic coach, John trained numerous Olympic athletes for both Winter and Summer Olympic Games spanning from 1976 to 1988.

As an Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, John has regularly appeared on television and radio shows since 1985 reaching millions of households globally, and establishing himself as one of the most visible motivational educators’ for legions of athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts.

John is also the creator of Androzene® the all-natural male performance supplement, the NO EXCUSES™ Workout and Award-Winning AB-DOer®.

John's newest releases include Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine™, Vital Living From The Inside-Out, Brain Sensation & Motivation, Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™, AB-Ology™; the science of getting lean and strong, and Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™.

Proud to be 60 years young, John is an empowering and prolific teacher, mentor, success-coach, and inventor who promotes a myriad of healthy principles for achieving success in all areas of personal and professional life.

If only one word was needed to describe John Abdo, it would be Dynamic!

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Don’t look any further, you have found the sexual enhancement product that will bring you to that level you have always fantasized about. After all, we all deserve to experience one of life’s most natural and intimate satisfactions.

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AndroPhase is truly an exciting breakthrough in men's health. AndroPhase is uniquely designed to safely and naturally optimize natural testosterone production by combining some of the best clinically researched ingredients with essential vitamins and nutrients.*

AndroPhase is formulated with scientifically tested ingredients shown to:

  • Naturally boost healthy testosterone levels*
  • Increase energy, mood and sex drive*✝
  • Boost libido*✝
  • Build lean muscle mass*
  • Burn fat*
  • Improve sexual performance*✝
  • Improve erectile quality*✝

✝ In a clinical trial of the principle ingredient in AndroPhase, those receiving the ingredient reported an improvement in sexual desire, performance, and erectile quality.

*When used in conjunction with strength training. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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The World’s First Midsection Aerobic Machine!

Sit down, wiggle your core, ad shave fat and inches off your entire waistline; abdominals, oblique’s and lower back region.

Released in 1996, and still selling today. Millions around the world are proud to admit that they’re ‘Doers™”!

When using the AB-Doer® you’ll experience an entirely new dimension in body-shaping and fat reduction. This dynamic product is unique, versatile, fun and productive.

The AB-Doer® allows you to target all four sides of your midsection, all at the same time: 1) Abdominals on the front, 2-3) Obiques on the sides and 4) your lower back region on the back.

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WonderBack Pro

WonderBack™ Pro

(Self-Massage, flexibility, muscle-toning, Pilates)

John Abdo’s WonderBack™ Pro is the ultimate self-massager that makes targeting hard-to-reach, stiff and stubborn muscles easier than ever.

WonderBack™ Pro features a patent-pending design that is light-weight, durable and specifically designed to provide relief to your stiff, sore, aching muscles from the comfort of your own home.

WonderBack™ Pro also has functions for muscle-toning, flexibility and Pilates.

WonderBack™ Pro is a complete system that’s easy to use and dynamically effective!

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John Abdo

Books & DVDs

Body Engineering
Body Engineering

Covering topics from weight gain to weight loss, this total fitness book will help you get in stay and stay in shape. Through training and exercise you can learn to have the body you've long desired while improving your stamina and general health.

A guide created to help readers design an exercise and nutrition plan that suits their personal goals and lifestyle includes four specialized approaches to weight loss, weight gain, health maintenance, and sports performance. Original."

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Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance
Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance

John Abdo’s Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance ™ is the exclusive as-seen-on-TV book that’s packed with never-disclosed scientifically-proven information containing a long list of options that boost a man’s sexual performance, help men achieve harder more frequent erections, and return a man’s sexual vitality back to a youthful age. Even the experts are raving about Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance as you’ll learn the causes and the cures of your sexual disorders; including erectile dysfunction [ED], performance anxiety, premature ejaculation and others, then you’ll learn exactly how you can quickly restore your sexual vitality, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in. Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance is easy-to-read and provides all men with an abundance of tips and secrets that give you the competitive edge in the bedroom!

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Vital Living from the Inside-Out
Vital Living from the Inside-Out

Over 10 hours of motivation, inspiration and life-changing information.

Better Health and Energy = More Productivity = Fun and Success!

When getting healthy is your main objective, you'll concurrently respect your fitness and nutritional needs. You'll gain the ability to enjoy life more and be proud that you can meet life's challenges and win. The results for you will be better health and energy, which make you more productive, which will add to your financial independence and help you become successful in all areas of your life!

Feed your body and your mind. Vital Living from the Inside-Out is a series you MUST listen to.

This will change your life!

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Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine: No Excuses™ Workout

30 Days to a Leaner and Healthier You

If you're sick of yo-yo dieting, hate counting calories...if you want to lose weight EVEN WHILE YOU SLEEP... then you NEED Olympic Coach and Trainer John Abdo's 'Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine'!

In this easy and fun to read book, you'll learn the techniques and weight loss secrets that John Abdo uses to trick your body into dropping pounds fast!

Included inside Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine Book are guidelines for quick, effective workouts, along with specialized eating tips!

Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine! The title will become you!

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No Excuses™ Workout

"Fantastic!" "Wow!" "Unbelievable!" "I can’t believe I can get a total body workout in 7 minutes!" These are some of the comments users make after using John Abdo’s No Excuses™ Workout. This dynamic full-spectrum routine requires no equipment, can be performed virtually anywhere, and is completed in hardly no time, hence, No Excuses™. Leave it to world-renown health and fitness motivator, John Abdo, to develop a system that does it all in a fraction of the time; muscle-strengthening, body-shaping, fat-burning, and stamina-boosting. No Excuses™ Workout compiles a series of unique motions conducted in a successive-paced circuit-like sequence. By far, this is John’s most popular DVDs, and has been on the market since 1997. A must-have DVD for those in a hurry or need to keep their metabolism revved-up all day long.

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Brain Sensation & Motivation

This sensational manuscript is John Abdo’s latest book that uniquely delves into the brain, mind, memory and all forms of cognition. Returning back to our (cerebral) primitive origins, then advancing to the structure and neuro-chemistry of the brain today, John Abdo reveals how (hu)man intellectual and emotional powers function and are conditioned.

With monumental advances in neuro-technology, memory, behavior, habit patterns, emotions, intellect, creativity, and success or failure is better understood and applied by individuals and clinicians worldwide.

A must read for those who need to correct emotional and/or mental disorders and improve cognitive health and psychological powers. This book is unique providing mental conditioning exercises that improve memory, creativity and ven confidence and courage.

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Countour Weights

Contour-Weights ©

Soft, flexible, neoprene covered, 6-inch dumbbell-style tubes conform to your hands providing the perfect grip for upper-body resistance exercises and walking activities. Comfortably secure, stretch elastic hand strap eliminates over-gripping and hand fatigue. This is a great addition to your walk outside, treadmill workout, and Elliptical workout just to name a few. You can also secure the weights to your foot for leg, hip for buttocks exercises. Available in weights ranging from 1 to 5 pounds. Comes in a pair. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

Mini Contour-Weights© Features:

  • Dumbbell-style tubes
  • Conform to your hands providing the perfect grip
  • Ideal for upper and lower body resistance exercises
  • Created by John Abdo (the Inventor of the AB-Doer)
  • Stretch elastic hand strap eliminates over-gripping and hand fatigue
  • Downloadable exercise guide
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