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AB-DOer ABDOBICS: Original 4 Routine DVD

Was: $79.95
Now: $12.95

ABDOBICS™ represents Abdominal Aerobics™, a revolutionary system of midsection training exclusive to the world popular AB-DOer exercise machine that was created by Master Fitness Trainer, John Abdo. Originally sold separately on VHS, and costing $80, this DVD compiles all four (4) of John's original AB-DOer workouts on one disc, all priced for the cost one routine.

That's 4 Routines for the Price of 1

Here are the 4 routines you get on one DVD:

Routine 1 = Beginners Workout

Routine 2 = Intermediate Workout

Routine 3 = Advanced Workout

Routine 4 = Specialized Back & Spinal Conditioning Workout

All routines are designed to target the entire core of your midsection including your abdominals, obliques and lower back. In just the first workout, you'll instantly start to tighten up your midsection by losing excess fat and developing balance and symmetry to your waistline!

$60 Savings from the Original VHS 4-Routine Series

Can be performed on any AB-DOer version.

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