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AB-DOer XTreme DVD 3 Routines

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(3 Advanced Routines on One DVD)

This is one of John Abdo's latest DVD compilations that are exclusively performed on The AB-DOer®.

Here are the 3 Routines on this DVD:
ROUTINE 1 is called the "Six-Pack Attack", a muscle-firming fat-trimming total waistline routine.
ROUTINE 2 is John's "Fat-Blaster", a medium-impact aerobic routine that tones your entire body, boosts cardiovascular endurance and melts fat amazingly quick.
ROUTINE 3 is a Bonus session with John that targets all your back muscles and spinal column for flexibility and enhanced circulation of nerve flow and blood.
A Must-Have DVD for all AB-DOer Users!
Can be used on any AB-DOer version

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This Item: AB-DOer XTreme DVD 3 Routines
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