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Fitness Done Quickly?

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12 Sessions on One DVD: John Abdo's Best DVD Offer Ever!

John Abdo’s Fitness Done Quickly™ is an incredibly versatile, motivating and quick results-producing system everybody can use. It offers dynamic muscle-toning, shaping and firming benefits, combined with a quick fat-loss ability that extends deep inside the core of your body while making you look terrific in the process!

Fitness Done Quickly requires no-equipment, and all of the routines can be performed anywhere and at anytime. What's ideal about this system is that ALL ROUTINES ARE COMPLETED in only 6 Minutes while boosting your fat-burning metabolism far greater than conventional exercise.

Fitness Done Quickly is John Abdo’s most complete DVD system ever offered with a whopping twelve video sessions available on one DVD called the 12-Pack. When sold individually, this system costs over $240 making this John’s best value ever.

All routines are completed in only 6 minutes, ideal for busy efficient-minded people.

Designed by Olympic Trainer and Hall of Fame inductee, John Abdo, incorporating these are other breakthrough principles:

  • Explosive Burst Training™: Work your Fast-Twitch muscle fibers that explode energy, and fat right out of your body!
  • Accumulative Results Training™: Exercise a little now then a little later and still receive fantastic results!
  • High-Intensity Training: It’s not how long you exercise that merits results but rather how intense your exercises are performed. HIT is designed to place the proper intensity to your muscles that yield fast dramatic results!
  • Anatomical Sequencing™: This unique principle allows you to successfully accomplish body symmetry and balance, supporting all body joints and accelerating recuperation between sessions.
  • Partner Assisted Training™: Exercising with a motivating partner will elevate your results into another dimension. John Abdo teaches you how to workout successfully with your favorite workout buddy!
  • 24/7 After Burn Technology™: Proper stimulation of your muscles allows you to burn off excess body fat even while sleeping due to FDQs cross-principle intregrations!

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