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I’ve used several of the popular male enhancement products sold on TV. But that proved to be a waste of money. I must say that the Androzene supplement kicked in almost immediately as I felt a surge in my sexual energy within the first two days while the third day in was a definite WOW. This stuff really works and it works quickly.  Thanks for standing by your promises and not letting people like me down.  I am telling all my friends about your product and book.

 Best Regards, Aaron


I just started using Androzene only two days ago but feel I needed to write. Is it possible that this stuff is working this quickly, or am I just experiencing a coincidental hormonal surge?  I am feeling more sensitivity in my penis and certainly am experiencing a longer lasting erection. This is encouraging!

 Thanks, Mir


I can't believe how fast Androzene works. I now have sensitivity back in my penis that I haven't had in a very long time.  I also wake up again with morning erections; I thought they'd never come back.  Thanks for producing a great supplement that I can trust and is not a waste of money.



I started using your Androzene supplement and didn't notice anything for about 5 days. But somewhere before the first week it hit me. When my wife wanted some intimate action I felt something I haven't felt in years--that hot and horny feeling that made the experience more exciting, while my erection was very hard and sensitive. I honestly didn't believe this product would work but I had to give it a try after being so frustrated with my lagging sexuality.

 Thanks, Paul


Androzene gives me a lot of energy not just in the bedroom but at work and in the gym.  I've been looking for something that provides these benefits. I feel this is something healthy for me to be taking and I’m recommending it to other guys,

 Thanks, Ernesto


I became tolerant to the prescription erection pills as they stopped working for me. I also felt their side effects that scared me away from using them.  The supplement Androzene is great because I feel it's healthy for my sexual system and it doesn't work like the prescription pills. Those drugs only last a few hours while Androzene stays in my system much longer and is doing my body (and penis) more good than just creating erections; but I have to say that I'm very pleased with the erections!

 Just letting you know how I feel, Mike

Androzene is available at:


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Aaron; 33:

“For a long time now, I’ve been frantically searching for something that would boost my loss of sexual desire, and help me achieve spontaneous, firm and lasting erections. But nothing I tried before was working, and I’ve tried a lot of stuff. Then I heard about Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance, and all I can say is that this book is awesome! My girlfriend noticed the third day in. She asked me, “What in the world are you taking?” She is extremely pleased with my newly heightened desire and stamina, and how we’ve bonded together again intimately. John’s book is amazing. It’s helped me tremendously, and it’s healed the relationship with my girlfriend. Anybody seeking to boost their own sexual performance must get a copy of this book as reading it has completely changed my life, and I’m 100% better because of it!”

Daniel; 58:

“I was painfully frustrated with my erectile dysfunction, and so was my girlfriend. But after reading John’s book I have a remarkable increase in my desire while my ability to achieve and sustain an erection is back again. The best thing about Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance is the increase I’m experiencing in my libido, and my ability now to support that. Having sexual desire and a limp Willie doesn’t take you very far. I was skeptical at first but I’m very happy I took the time to read this valuable book that contains so many options for boosting sexual health and performance. In my opinion, John Abdo gives you the most complete sexual health plan you can use no matter what age or stage of life you’re in. I highly recommend it.”

 Chris: 45:

“No matter what difficulties you are facing, what symptoms you are having, maybe it’s ED, loss of desire, loss of sensitivity in the genital area, lack of sexual frequency, whatever it is, there’s something in John’s book that shows you how to fix it. Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance shows you how to understand the “causes” of your troubles then it guides you to the remedies and cures. The recommendations listed in this book; they work, no doubt!”

Ron: 50:

“That biggest thing for me is the boost in confidence I now have after reading Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance. Having loss of desire with embarrassing erectile dysfunction has been extremely difficult for me to deal with. Nothing I did before satisfied my expectations, nor did they satisfy my wife’s. But now I’m restored, and I feel terrific. I now have a book that explains to me why I’ve experienced my troubles and it shows me how to beat them once and for all. 

Dan; 71:

“Here you are, you have a beautiful woman in your arms and she wants to make love to you, but you can’t do it; it’s devastating. But then I heard about John Abdo’s book and knew I had to read it. I was amazed to find that what I read was exactly what I was experiencing. I started to follow the recommendations listed in the book, and I began to follow it like a diet. In the past, I’d use prescription erection pills, but they were getting me sick. But now, with Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance as my guide, I don’t have the erectile dysfunction anymore, and I don’t have to rely on drugs either. My girlfriend is much younger than me, and I’m now capable of pleasing her (multiple times) daily. At my age, that’s quite an amazing thing to brag about!”

Joel; 46:

“As I was reading Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance I kept seeing things in this book that made me say to myself, “That’s me”. John lists the symptoms of all sexual disorders then goes into detail explaining the causes of erectile dysfunction, loss of desire, low testosterone, stamina, and all sexual disorders. I highly recommend this book to anyone because I read it and it worked for me. Flat out, it works!”

Austin: 47:

“Within a few days of reading Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance I noticed I had a morning erection when I awoke; that’s an experience I haven’t had for years. The only thing I did different that week was start reading John’s book and begin following some of the recommendations. Reluctantly, I was honestly preparing myself to live the second-half of my life without sex, as I mentally threw in the towel. But now, after reading John’s book, I’m renewed and have so much to look forward to now as I am a sexual person and must express myself.”

Robert; 48:

“My girlfriend is almost half my age, and she has an extremely healthy sexual appetite. But I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with her. I knew that I wasn’t pleasing her and, naturally, I feared losing her. I was able to build myself up to having sex with her 2-3 times a week, but she’s more interested in having sex 2-3 times a day. After reading Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance, I am amazed that I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. My girlfriend is not only happy but the table has turned in my favor as she’s been (pleasantly) commenting that I’m starting to wear her out. It’s such a joy to please your woman. In fact, I think I get more satisfaction pleasing her as it makes me feel like a total man. I want to thank John for writing this terrific book and helping restore my relationship with my girlfriend.”

Mike: 53:

“At first, when you notice you cannot get an erection, performance anxiety isn’t that bad. But after time the fear and anxiety becomes devastating, and constant. Erectile dysfunction has caused me a lot of grief and embarrassment and isolation. But then I read John’s book and he explains not only the physical aspects of sexual disorders, but the psychological implications as well. This was the key for me because even with potent prescription erection pills my performance anxiety was so overwhelming I still could not get an erection. John discloses techniques that, as John says, turn you from a sad man into a glad man. Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance, what a terrific book to have.”

Jim: 60:

“There have been times when I would like to have gotten an erection, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t control myself, and that’s not only a dissatisfying experience for me but the woman I’m with is also very disappointed. But after reading John’s book I can tell you that that’s all changed. I highly recommend you reading this book as it will help you change your life!”

Paul: 26:

“After reading Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance I can definitely notice an increase in my sexual desire; something that, uncharacteristically, was dipping for me at such a young age. John’s tips for getting and staying sexually healthy really do work. I now have that on-top-of-the-world feeling again, because when you can perform satisfying sex you feel you can do anything.”

Harwood: 63:

“If you’re having a sexual problem, then just read this book. John’s advice will help you fix it. I felt like I had four flat tires. I’d get myself all worked up to have sex, but I wasn’t going anywhere. But with the recommendations John lists in Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance I’m a completely new man again, and having a blast with the ladies once more with my renewed sexual vigor and stamina.”


Jansing S.

Dear John,

I wanted to tell you a little about myself. This past May I was weighing in at 310 pounds, I was in a size 46 jeans pushing for a bigger size, and a size 3XL shirt and even that was getting tight. I'm a correctional officer for the state of Texas and it was getting to the point where I was unable to preform my job effectively. I made the decision to try and start losing weight. I tried all different work out programs but none of them seem to fit my needs or abilities. My wife then brought home one of your tapes and I then had the workout I needed to fix where I had gone wrong. I enjoy yours so much because you make the exercise fun using different scenarios such as walking on a beach, old houses, climbing fences, fighting ninjas, etc. I also belive it's a great workout due to the fact that its easy enough that even a beginner can do yet can be bumped up notches as your fitness level improves. Here I am 6 months later and I now weigh in at 195 pounds, size 34 jeans (getting ready to fit in 32), and wearing  between a large to XL shirt. I feel so much better about myself, not to mention that I look a whole lot better. Plus its nice to know that when one of our inmates take off running (because sometimes they think they are track stars) I'm able to chase after them and I'm more limber when it comes time for restraints. Thanks to you I'm a much leaner, healthier and better man!


Alan Stephens

Dear John:

I had carried massive amounts of excess bodyweight for over 20 years.  After reaching over 345 pounds, and being diagnosed as clinically obese with Type II Diabetes, along with plenty of other health issues that made me very unhealthy and unhappy, I decided I needed to do something to change my life or my doctor said that it would end prematurely.

Alan StephenAfter researching the claims and promises promoted by different weight-loss marketing companies, I decided to follow your routines.  I felt that since you were on TV you must be good at what you do.  Although I had the typical "yeah-right" attitude my life was literally in jeopardy and I needed to do something, quickly.

Needless to say, I ordered your system.  However, when I started to follow it I was shocked to discover I was actually able to do it, and doing it. Within the first week I could definitely see and feel the changes in my body.  The weight somehow was falling off and let me remind you that I wasn't exercising hard at all.

All-in-all, it took me a little over one year to drop over 150 pounds off my body.  During that time I became so involved with this fitness stuff.  Today, a little over 5 years later, I can claim that I dropped from 345 pounds to 193 pounds [152 pounds of fat when bye bye] and I HAVE KEPT THE WEIGHT OFF EVER SINCE.  From an obese, depressed, near-death guy to what I am today.  I'm a new man and the happiest guy alive.  To let you know how incredible my life has changed I am now a certified personal fitness trainer myself, I also have earned a degree in nutrition, and I also own my own health club in my area--who'd ever think I'd become a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a gym owner?  Like you, I've become the guy who's telling people how to improve themselves!

All I can say to you John is THANK YOU!  You saved my life.  I can never repay you for what you've done for me but hopefully by sharing my story will help inspire other people to make the changes they deserve in their lives and become Doers themselves!

I'm A Doer!

Alan Stephens

Amy Shiotoni

I worked out with John for 3 weeks. His classes were intense but the time just flew by. John's knowledge is incredible, and he's a terrific motivator. One thing's for sure, I got in my best shape ever following John's routines. I particularly love his No Excuses Workout as it's the perfect program when I'm in a hurry, which is a lot these days. If you ever get a chance get one of John's programs. You'll be glad you did!

Cheri Plummer

I met John through one of his User Group trials for one of his fitness classes that revolved around his Bun & Thigh Doer invention. WOW, is all I can say. I'm extremely pleased with the results, and all my family and friends as bragging about me all the time. I lost 5 inches of my waistline in 3 weeks. Yes, I said that correctly, 3 weeks. John has this 21-day Swift-Lift Plan that's designed to help people like me get into great shape very quickly. This guy's a genius at helping people.

Ilsa Glanzberg

I had let me body get way out of shape. It was weak, flabby, and need I say, not very good to look at anymore. But all that changed the day I met John Abdo and started to follow his fitness systems and lifestyle principles. John makes it seems so easy, even though it's always challenging and I keep on improving. I thought exercise was hard, long and boring. With John Abdo it's easy, short and fun!

Dr. James Stoxen     

Dear John:

I have you to thank for inspiring me to take charge of my life.  Becoming a DOER helped me get my life back in balance!

To own and operate a business requires huge amounts of physical and emotional energy!  But so many professionals sacrifice their health as they're striving for their wealth.  At 40, I was over 50 pounds overweight, not good personally or professionally!

I am a health care professional who runs a business and speaks to "live" audiences on a weekly basis.  Having a healthy image is essential for leadership and to build a solid successful business.  It wasn't helping my image or my business being so terribly out of shape.  I knew I needed to make a change and knew I needed to start respecting my health.

Listening to you has inspired me to become a DOer myself!  Now, after losing 50 pounds in just a few short months, I look better than I ever did and am healthier and more energetic than ever with loads of confidence!  Life is so much easier now both personally and professionally.  I am easily capable of presenting myself both in public and with my patients with incredible energy and frequency!  I have properly aligned my health goals to be back in balance with my financial, family and spiritual goals—what a difference!

Leaders need balance in their life!  When you are over weight and out of shape you cannot have balance.  There are no more excuses to being mentally and physically out of shape.  Your guidance and motivation has literally saved my life and changed it in such remarkable ways.  I now look forward to tomorrow!


Dr. James Stoxen

Sherrie C.

Dear John:

I am 29 years old, 5'6" tall, and I topped out at 214 pounds.  My chest exceeded 46 inches, my waist was 45 inches and my lower stomach and hips measured a total of 47 inches around!  I started my Doer routine on November 2nd and ever since I have had more energy and felt as great as I did when I was a teenager! My whole attitude is better and I thank you for that.

I want you to know that you’ve been a real lifesaver for me.  I mean that in the literal sense.  I have obstructive sleep apnea and was actually suffocating myself while I sleep just over a month ago.  I blacked out while driving on another occasion and that is how I ended up at my doctor’s office.  To make a long story short, you have helped keep myself alive and I have four other people who also want to thank you.  That is my husband, my 10-year-old daughter, my 8-year-old son and my 6-year-old son.  Thank you John from all of us.

Staying committed to being a DOER I have now lost over 45lbs of body fat and, brace yourself for this one, I have lost 8 1/2 inches off my waistline! I feel awesome! I went out to purchase my first new outfit today for my husband's Christmas Party because I want to look my best for him.  The ladies at the clothing store asked me what size pants I thought I would need.  I said that I was a 16/18 when I started my Doer program so I have no idea what I’d fit into now.  They started out by handing me size 14’s.  When those were too big they handed me a 12, still too bog.  Then, amazingly, they handed me a 10! I haven’t worn a ten since I don’t know when.  And it wasn’t a tight ten, no squeezing, no sucking in my belly, nothing.  The pants slipped on smoothly and zipped right up!

I have been so excited!  I feel GREAT!  Not only do I feel wonderful for myself but the enjoyment I am now able to provide to my family is so satisfying because I am more "fun" to be with and I’m not sleeping or tired all the time!

Thanks John, You are awesome!

Your Dedicated Doer Student

Sherrie C.