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Walk Aerobics™

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3 Action-Packed Routines on one DVD!

Walk-Aerobics™ was created to help you burn all of the excess fat off your body while having a lot of fun.

Walk-Aerobics™ incorporates techniques from various fitness and outdoor activities like walking, skating, rock climbing, and even doing the Ninja all without you even taking one step outside your living room!

Now with John’s Walk-Aerobics™, the 3-n-1 DVD, you have a perfect mixture of different routines that never leave you bored, and always keep you motivated and feeling refreshed and lean.

Here’s what you get:

  • Routine 1: METABOLIC STIMULATOR (33 minutes): A medium intensity routine that includes an enjoyable mixture of motions that gradually builds up to boost your overall metabolism both while you’re exercising and for hours afterwards.
  • Routine 2: FAT BLASTER (35 min): An advanced 2.25 mile routine that includes a blend of highly motivating and energetic movements that keeps you within your Target Heart Zone which is ideal for burning fat.
  • Routine 3: OXYWALK (16 minutes): A complete body relaxation session that increases flexibility and blood flow to every muscle and body joint. This session also includes specialized drills for breathing to oxygenate your tissues that leaves you feeling totally revitalized.

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